GTA-Franklin Edition (Fan-Game)



Franklin Clinton is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. Franklin was born and lived his entire life in Los Santos. He became a gangbanger at a young age and joined The Families alongside his best friend Lamar Davis, committing various small crimes for a living.


Title, Characters, Sounds & Game's original design were created & owned by ROCKSTAR Games. This is just a Fan-Game made for educational & entertainment purpose. This is totally un-official & there is no way connected to ROCKSTAR Games.


  • Lots of player customization.
  • 8+ Phone & text cheat codes.
  • Interactive Dog (Chop).
  • First Person & Camera view cycle.
  • Basic Parkour.
  • Interactive In-Game Phone.
  • In-Game camera & Selfies.
  • High graphics.
  • Main menu with lots of options.
  • Highly Optimized.


Swipe with 3 or 4 fingers (or) Hold Minimap and touch with another 2 fingers.

  • painkiller - Invincibility
  • turtle - Max Health
  • hoptoit - Super Jump
  • catchme - Fast Run
  • ragdoll - Ragdoll
  • skydive - Parachute
  • skyfall - Skyfall/Skydive
  • ball - Get Ball

Enter In-Game Phone, Go to Contacts and Dial Page.

  • 1999-7246545537 - Invincibility
  • 1999-887853 - Max Health
  • 1999-4678648 - Super Jump
  • 1999-2288463 - Fast Run
  • 1999-7243655 - Ragdoll
  • 1999-7593483 - Parachute
  • 1999-7593255 - Skyfall/Skydive


  • Touch the chop to call.
  • Type ball in cheats to get ball, equip in weapon wheel & throw to make chop fetch the ball!

Important Notes:

  • Android 5+ and at least 2GB ram.
  • If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.

Download & Installation Tutorial:

How to skip

  • Verify the captcha box..
  • Click Continue.
  • Wait for the given seconds.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Download link
  • Wait for the given seconds
  • Scroll down & Click Get Link.

Note: Close unnecessary tabs & that's all you successfully skipped

Installation Tutorial:

  • Just install the APK from the above link.
  • Install the apk.
  • Now open the game.

Note: If it warn that this game was harmful, don't mind it. It's 100% secured. This app not available in PlayStore that's why it says harmful.


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