DedSec Android (Fan-Game)



Watch Dogs 2 is an action-adventure game and played from a third-person perspective as Marcus Holloway, a young hacker. Alternatively, the player can use the stealth approach, in which they can evade enemies or paralyze them temporarily with Marcus' taser.


Title, Characters, Sounds & Game's original design were created & owned by UBISOFT. This is just a Fan-Game made for educational & entertainment purpose. This is totally un-official & there is no way connected to UBISOFT.


  • Parkour: Climb, Vault, Stepup, Slide, Flip, ClimbOver, Superman Jump.
  • Drone: Easy to control.
  • Graffiti: Paste your image in "Android/Data/com.rusergames.dedsec/files/" (only *.png files).
  • High Graphics: Can be change in graphics settings.

Important Notes:

  • Android 5+ and at least 2GB ram.
  • If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.

Download & Installation Tutorial:

How to skip

  • Verify the captcha box..
  • Click Continue.
  • Wait for the given seconds.
  • Click Continue
  • Click Download link
  • Wait for the given seconds
  • Scroll down & Click Get Link.

Note: Close unnecessary tabs & that's all you successfully skipped

Installation Tutorial:

  • Just install the APK from the above link.
  • Install the apk.
  • Now open the game.

Note: If it warn that this game was harmful, don't mind it. It's 100% secured. This app not available in PlayStore that's why it says harmful.


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