GLS-V (Fan-Game)



Title, Characters, Sounds & Game's original design were created & owned by ROCKSTAR Games. This is just a Fan-Game made for educational & entertainment purpose. This is totally un-official & there is no way connected to ROCKSTAR Games.


  • Character Creation: More than 50+ combinations of skins are available.
  • Culling Stunt: A map with tunnel, props, boosters, triggers etc.. to make fun/stunt with cars.
  • Garage: Using Garage elevator you can enter Culling Stunt.
  • Phone: There are lots of features available in (in-game)phone like message, dial etc...
  • Cheats: There are some cheats to make fun with gameplay.

Important Notes:

  • Android 4.4+ and at least 2GB ram.
  • If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.


  • 19998878 (Max Health)
  • 19997593 (Skyfall)
  • 19992579 (Suicide)
  • 19994567 (Moon Gravity)
  • 19992288 (Fast Run)
  • 19995555 (Special Character Menu)

Known Bugs:

  • Vapid Flash (Car) won't work properly.
  • Marcus Skin Glitch

Download & Installation Tutorial:

How to skip

  • Verify the captcha box..
  • Click Continue.
  • Wait for the given seconds.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Download link
  • Wait for the given seconds
  • Scroll down & Click Get Link.

Close unnecessary tabs & that's all you successfully skipped

Installation Tutorial:

  • Just install the APK from the above link.
  • Install the apk.
  • Now open the game.

Note: If it warn that this game was harmful, don't mind it. It's 100% secured. This app not available in PlayStore that's why it says harmful.


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